Running up and down hills in 98 degrees

“Training is easy or effective; it can’t be both.”

I apparently failed to save the author of this quotation, but I think it sums up last night for me. How easy it would have been to either skip or skimp on last night’s workout! I’m glad I didn’t skip because most everyone in the training group showed up, surprising even our coach. So then comes the question of skimping…our workout lends itself to an easy skimp. One lap is halfway up and back, then all the way up and back. The goal was three repeats, down from the scheduleed 4 because of the heat factor. Since you are on your own, it would be very, very easy to skip some or all of the last lap and head on back to the car. My last half mile was grueling, and I passed more people walking that running, and I could probably have walked at a one point faster than I was running. But. … I kept putting one foot in front of another.

I didn’t sign up for easy training. I can do that on my own. And I would have missed the feeling of accomplishment of checking the workout off my training schedule when I got home. Effective, and – as usual – not as hard as my mind told me it would be. So I could go home and watch the American League take the World Series without a trace of guilt. Effective.

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One Response to Running up and down hills in 98 degrees

  1. Shelton says:

    I suppose that’s right. Maintenance is easier than improvement, that’s for sure.

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