It’s All About Gratitude

I have to start with an apology for my lapse in posting.  I plead guilty to being overwhelmed with work, holidays, training and life in general.  Unless you are the shiny object of the day – or the person clamouring the loudest for my attention – well, you got ignored. So why has this become the shiny object du jour?  Simple.  I’m on an airplane with no other option.  (Unless you count the option of paying Southwest $5 for Internet connectivity for the remaining 90 minutes of this flight, which even I can’t justify!)

Yes, an airplane to Jacksonville to meet up with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law to celebrate a major birthday (one of those with a 0).  Oh, and to run a marathon.  I’m celebrating my advancing years with an in-your-face, I-won’t go quietly, 26.2 mile run, and I’m happy about it.

Just to catch you up since my last post…I ran the Richmond Marathon and had a great time.  It’s billed as the country’s friendliest marathon and I believe the hype.  It’s a relatively small race (but not as small as the one I’m about to do), the course is beautiful and the crowds were awesome.  My husband was able to bike the course and was never more than a 1/2 mile from me.  I am absolutely blessed with the best cheerleaders/partner/trainer around!

My IT band was the real challenge in Richmond.  Thanks to Juli-a great PT at Union Memorial-I run relatively pain free these days.  Steroids, massage, weights and Kinesio tape did the trick!

Training has been odd for this race.  My schedule not only did not coincide with my training group, it often actually conflicted.  They would be stepping back, I would be doing 20 miles.  Travel took me away from some major workouts.  I found myself in the gym (again with that ever-supportive husband), pushing myself to compete with the taskmaster that is the treadmill.

Then I started watching the weather.  If you know me well, you know I don’t run in heat.  I was a DNF in the 20-miler last fall because I couldn’t manage the heat and humidity.  So when I saw that Jacksonville was experiencing the same abnormally-warm winter we were, I began to panic.  I am glad now of the hot treadmill workouts instead the comfortably cool track sessions.  But that meant I missed the support of my “tribe” (as my husband would say).

But all’s well that ends well.  Granted, I haven’t actually run the race yet, but I’m going in pretty excited.  The weather gods are smiling- clear weather forecast Sunday with a high in the 50s.  I’m feeling well-prepared, although not quite as rested as I would like.  I went to the track Tuesday to get some energy from the group, and even though I was doing an easy taper workout while they were kicking a**, I got what I went for.  A previous runner  posted a webcam of his run, so I saw the beach section and was able to purge the 2009 Maryland Half finish from my brain. I’m good to go.

This one’s not about time.  This one’s all about gratitude.  There are going to be some tears Sunday.  Sunday wasn’t supposed to happen at all.  Twenty-five years ago, I thought I would be in a wheelchair, probably still alone.  Over seven years ago, I thought my mother would not be here.  Yet we will.  I’ll be running because the people who love me never said never.  Mother will be here because she has lived by that maxim her entire life.   And as for that “alone” prediction” – well, there’s a guy who took a chance that he was marrying someone who might curtail his physical activities who is going to be chasing me on a rented bike cheering like a madman tomorrow.

I am truly blessed !

One more note:  My mother is also here because of the amazing research being done all over the country to find treatments and ultimately a cure for breast cancer.  Not by mistake is the marathon being run in Florida on my birthday a fundraiser for breast cancer research.  Nothing-absolutely nothing-happens by mistake.  To contribute to 26.2 with Donna, go to my fundraising page here

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