Renaissance … Rebirth!

Years ago, my friend Vicki and I had a one of those goofy rituals that unfortunately seem to be luxury of youth.  I’m guessing it came about during AP European history class.  I remember it being used in many situations, but there is a picture in my mind that won’t go away today.  We were on the tennis courts.   After chasing down a shot, Vicki dropped on the court feigning exhaustion, then jumped up energetically, and cried, “Renaissance! Rebirth!”

Why is that picture in my mind this morning?  Marathon training has begun.  I took two months off this year, and had some sort of delusion that I could just pick up where I left off.  Oops.  We had a time trial last night, and I went out at my usual pace.  Let’s just say I didn’t finish at my usual pace.

I have a choice.  I allow myself to get discouraged or I can see what I need to do and take appropriate corrective actions.  I have the same issues in other parts of my life right now where I’m not exactly happy with my results.  In each case, I have a choice.  I can sit and complain or I can take corrective action.

I’m not happy with the status quo.  It’s time to reset.


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2 Responses to Renaissance … Rebirth!

  1. I love this for many reasons. One, because I can picture Vicki saying and doing what you’ve described. Too funny. Second because it is almost comically applicable in my life as well on any number of fronts…thank you thank you.

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