From Corrigan Sport’s Baltimore 10-Miler Facebook page:

Belief in yourself. A big part of running is mental and your attitude. Remember Saturday is not about the finish line. It’s about the courage of stepping up to the start line. Everyone is to be commended for their effort and sacrifices it takes to train for this distance. 

So I guess all those judgments about my inability to run fast in hot whether really ought to be shelved, huh?  So I think I’ll shelve my negative expectations, be happy to step up the start with my friends, and have a great race Saturday!

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  1. Shelton says:

    I second The Daily Cure’s comment!

  2. I bet we all have libraries full of shelved negative expectations. And there’s room for more. So shelve it baby, shelve it. HAVE A GREAT RACE!

    • Joselin says:

      Thanks! It’s going to be ridiculously hot, and the last mile is all hills (made worse because I run them regularly, so I know how tough they are!), but I’m running with two good friends for the first time – AND my wonderful husband is going to have a runners’ breakfast for us afterward.

      The only thing that would make it an even BETTER race if I could go dive into the Mediterranean waters off Elbe afterward!

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