Are You Living the Marathon Lifestyle?

Thanks to my friend Joy for this one:

The marathon lifestyle promotes doing rather than watching…by adopting the marathon lifestyle you can confront your own lions, be your own hero, fight your own battles, challenge yourself.

Richard Benyo,  Making the Marathon Your Event

What is does the marathon lifestyle mean?  Here are some of my initial thoughts :

  • It is setting big goals, and taking the steps needed to get there.
  • It is asking what works for others, but remembering to adapt their experience to my reality.
  • It is taking the less pleasant alternative – who wants to get up at 5am on Saturday morning when it’s 20 degrees outside? – because I have faith that it will pay off in the long run.
  • It is joining a community of people trudging the path with me.
  • It is laughing at missteps, picking myself up, and dusting myself off.
  • It is taking the next step when I can’t see the finish.
  • It is thanking the people who make the journey possible.
  • It is celebrating every second, every mile, every workout!
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One Response to Are You Living the Marathon Lifestyle?

  1. Shelton says:

    Amen to all that.

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