Shiny object of the day: Automattic Worldwide 5k next week

Port to Fort 6k

I finally found a few quick moments in a Panera Cafe to write a running blog post.  I have been completely derelict in my posting, so here was the moment to catch up.  Right?  Well, not really.  Every know someone whose attention follows the shiny object?  That would be me.  And it happened again.

I logged into WordPress and there it was:  Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.  Yep.  A challenge to run a 5k, post a photograph, and (hopefully) blog about it.

So instead of using that time to write, I was off registering for a 5k to run between April 4 and April 10.  Actually, I registered for the Port to Fort 6k on April 10.  It’s a great run for a terrific charity (Believe in Tomorrow Children Foundation), and I’m going to be there.  Oh, and I’ll post a picture and write a blog entry!

Want to add some incentive to my run?   Make a contribution to my Port-to-Fort Charity page.  It’s impossible for me to sleep in and decide to skip a run when someone else has money in the game.

And go find your 5k to run next week.  Walk it, run it, juggle it.  Just get out and move.    Be sure to take a picture and share it!

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