Running away

When I first started training, I had a constant running committee meeting going on in my head.  Running was the only place that conversation (argument?) stopped.  Or at least took an adjurnment.

Now I’ve had a challenging couple of weeks.  Ironically, I’m on the other side of the situation that obsessed me two years ago.  Granted, my week was not as challenging as the coming days will be for some other people, but it was tough in a way I never expected.  These were new and hard situations that made me sick and made me cry.  Still make me cry.  All the logic in the world doesn’t make it easier.  I never want to find myself in that situation again.

So what am I going to do?  Run 10 miles with the temperature in the mid-70s and 70% humidity with an air quality alert.  It’s like doing hot yoga with 4000 of your friends.  I can get lost in that crowd.  Maybe my feelings can get lost there, too.   Here’s hoping.

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