Last long(ish) training run – here’s to tapering!

I ran my last long run today.  Our group run was technically cancelled yesterday because of the high winds, even though some of the group showed up anyway and ran it.  My father, whose obsession with golf has been so bad that I used to describe myself as a “golf orphan,” says that through me he has found  a group crazier than golfers.  He might be right.

I was actually glad to do this run by myself.  I designed the route to approximate some of the course I’ll run Saturday.  It was a good run.  Interestingly enough, I decided it was a better run after I realized that my pedometer was badly calibrated – it said I ran 7.33 but Google says I ran 8.2.  I try to tell myself time doesn’t matter on my long runs, but the reality is that is a lie.  I felt much better about my run after I saw that I was “faster” than I had originally thought.

So do I recalibrate and use the pedometer Saturday?  Or do I just use the watch and make the calculations as I pass the mile markers?  Right now, I’m beginning to think the latter.  I haven’t ever run a race without watching my pace.  It’s like Linus’  blanket. 

But the reality is that I’ve been running the last 6 weeks or so without watching my watch, and haven’t worn my pedometer for at least 3 weeks.  I have until Friday to decide.  Either I put it on the shoe Friday night before bed, or I don’t.  

It’s not really the biggest question in life, but it’s going to sit in my craw until I make a definitive decision.  Then there’s the question of shorts vs. capris…yep, it’s going to be an obsessive week!

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One Response to Last long(ish) training run – here’s to tapering!

  1. Charlotte says:

    I am following your obsession word for word and I love it.

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