Three weeks to go…and I still have work to do

It seems like time flies. When we started this training, I felt like the race was far, far away. Now I have my last regular long run today, then we start our taper. It’s 5:55am now, and I’m working on my “morning of” routine. The good news is that after a year, it is actually something of a routine.

Mental focus is the goal for the next three weeks. That includes increased attention to what foods I’m putting into my body. Mindfulness, isn’t that what I mean to say? How often do I just grab some food because it’s just “there”? Juda did a great job Wednesday night reminding me that eating is really about fueling my body – and not just for running.

By the same token, I need to be mindful in my running. Mindful, but not obsessive. Right now, I think I’m bordering on obsessive – times and equipment and … it’s not just a pair of shoes anymore. I want and need to remember the simple joy that running provides. I want to work with my body and not against it to perform at “our” best level as of the conditions of the day.

So with all that in mind, I’m off to run 12 miles in the wind and cold! Here’s hoping it’s not snowing in DC on the 20th!

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