Perserverance -noun 1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

“Discouraged” is the understated description of my feelings the past 24 hours.   After my blog on commitment, I promptly skipped my Thursday tempo run in favor of an extra 30 minutes in bed in the morning, a “geek” date with my husband, and early to bed last night.  I did set myself up for success this morning:  I pushed my 7:00 am meeting back to 7:30, so when I was up at 5:30 I had absolutely no excuses. I had skipped Thursday, but I still had an off day Friday to catch up.

To the treadmill downstairs I went – gym doesn’t open until 6:00. I pushed through an awful 30 minutes of uninspired running. But I did have a purpose and a goal, and I persevered.   I did it.

How did perseverance feel?  Fabulous and horrible, exhilerating and exhausting.  Part of me wants to celebrate the fact that I did it at all, but the other part…I still have that negative voice trying to diminish any feeling of  accomplishment because I want to judge the outcome.  That voice is saying, “I didn’t do a tempo run; I barely did a regular run.  You are a failure.”

But what voice have I decided to acknowledge?  Well, according to my running storyboard, I am listening to the other, newer voice.  It says I pushed through.  Period.  No judgment allowed.  I did it, and I’ve never done it before.  I found that courage to put together a very full day and work in a run to start my day.  I’ll take that courage into all my “I can’t do” situations I find today.  I will persevere.

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2 Responses to Perseverance

  1. You have your own goals, girlfriend! Stick to those first, will ya?

  2. Katie says:

    Stop it! You’re going to inspire me to run and I don’t feel like it.

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