If my last post concerned balance, this post is about keeping promises – to myself.  My training schedule had 4 regular miles on Wednesday.  Last year, I rationalized opting out of this workout because I speed work on Tuesday nights, and I didn’t “feel comfortable” running in the morning less than 12 hours after that hard workout.  And of course, there was no way I could fit it in on Wednesday night, since I have other things to do.

The reality is that it is hard to work in a regular run on Wednesday.  But it’s doable.  I could have done it first thing Wednesday morning, but I didn’t.  I opted instead for a 10-minute on demand workout.  It was good, and definitely fit into the storyboard, but it wasn’t what I had committed to doing.  Then, during the day, I grabbed one of the donuts that I aren’t on my diet.  I didn’t eat the whole thing – fortunately – but I ate enough to know that I was defnitely over my calorie and sugar goal.  Then I remembered:  I need to run 4 miles. 

So I told my husband I needed to do 4 miles before dinner.  That meant that he adjusted dinner based on my need to run.  It also meant that he reminded me I needed to run 4 miles as soon as I walked in the door.  So I changed and went to the treadmill and pushed through it.

I still think that I’m at risk of overtraining, but unlike last season when sticking to the schedule exhausted me, the reality is that I have more energy thus far.  Better diet and better conditioning seems to be paying off.  The biggest payoff was actually knowing that I met my commitment even though my head wasn’t in the game. 

Yes, I slipped with the donut, but I’m choosing to see that as a victory.  I didn’t eat the whole thing.  It was useful because it pushed me to make sure I got on that treadmill.  I slept well, and woke up energetic.

Today, though, I didn’t go to the gym this morning.  Now I have to work in the tempo run.  I’ll do it.  I’m committed.

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2 Responses to Commitment

  1. Katie says:

    Re: last season, when you say you rationalized opting out of Weds, do you mean you rationalized it but should have done it? I admire you pushing thru the mental blocks this season. It’s so easy when one is doing a lot to say that one’s best isn’t necessary because after all, look how much I’m already doing!

    • It may have been perfectly reasonable rationalization. I don’t know that I had the conditioning to be running five days a week. I tried it one week and then bagged it. Good or bad? I have no idea. This time I am determined to give it at least three weeks before I make a decision. If this week is any indication, I feel better when I at least do something – whether it is running on cross training. I am trying to be mindful of my age, too. From everything I’ve read, my body isn’t going to bounce back as easily from “garbage” miles, so I may substitute non-impact training once a week.

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