Waking up to possibilities

Welcome to my first post on the new blog. I suppose the most immediate objective of this blog is to follow how my running storyboard plays out over the course of 2010. The second objective? To see where those posts take me. Will I include the financial story? the personal story? At this point, probably not.

So where am I starting? After a 10-minute on-demand exercise routine to wake up the body, I’m ready for breakfast on Tuesday morning at 6;45am. If fitness and endurance are the obvious physical goals of a training plan, diet and rest are the foundation. I’ll skip rest for the time being. But diet I can do NOW. So this morning, I’m having my new favorite breakfast: hot 10-grain cereal from the Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Hunt Valley (http://www.padutchmarket.com/cockeysville/index.html), a couple of tablespoons of blackstrap molasses, banana and pressed decaf coffee from Trinacria on Paca Street. Oh, and all those pesky vitamins that I’ll probably flush down the toilet by 10:00.

I’m a big fan of basic foods. (I’m also a big fan of supporting local purveyors, as you can see.)

I’m blessed to have a husband who can whip up some dishes that could be in a fancy restaurant, but it always comes down to those meals where I can taste the basic ingredients that make me swoon. How much more basic can whole grains be? They are delicious and filling and provide what my body needs.

So now I’m off to work, to give my employer a full day’s work, and to hopefully feel like I’ve accomplished something more than just another day’s pay. Then tonight I’ll go to the track and work on the fitness and endurance part of training, listening to my body as best I can while trying to test it within reason.

Balance. It is a possibility.

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One Response to Waking up to possibilities

  1. Katie says:

    That breakfast sounds amazing. Decided to bag Greysheets. Was more obsessed with food than before. Just working on listening to my bod now.

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